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Attend the Advanced Crop Nutrition Workshop at the Acres USA Pre-Convention December 10th and 11th in Springfield, Illinois.

Attend the Advanced Crop Nutrition Workshop at the Acres USA Pre-Convention December 10th and 11th in Springfield, Illinois.

Your solution to the best plant and crop performance
Identifying Visible and Hidden Hunger Plant Nutrition Problems
Petiole (Leaf Stem) and Leaf Testing
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Your plants don’t need to be very deficient in available nutrients to seriously impact yield and quality.

But money spent on unneeded fertilizers also reduces your bottom line.

And it does not take much excess

of some nutrients to cause

serious crop damage.

While soil tests are essential to getting your crop started, many things can influence how much and what of the recommended fertilizer you put down actually gets into the plant.

Remember that your plants’ nutritional needs are constantly changing throughout the growing season.

The only way you can know and correct nutritional problems before you see them is with ASK THE PLANT®.

Identifies Visible and Hidden Hunger
Plant Nutritional Problems.

After you’ve spread that Expensive Fertilizer which your Soil Test Report or Consultant Recommended, What Happens to that Expensive Fertilizer?

Does it all go into your Crop? NO!

There are many factors that influence what of it gets into your Plants. Some of them are:

  • What Fertilizers Are Used
  • Soil Chemistry – Converting Fertilizer Components into Plant-Unavailable Compounds
  • Soil Biological Activity and Diversity
  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil Temperature
  • Leaching and Volatilization
  • Tillage and cultivation practice
  • Soil physical condition
  • Irrigation Water Quality/Chemistry

Just like a Doctor runs a Blood Test,
Ask The Plant® Analyzes Your Plants,
Identifies Obscure Problems and Provides Recommendations for Correcting Nutritional Problems 7 to 21 Days Before They Impact
the Performance of Your Crops.

E-Mailed Report Turnaround Time Is Typically 24 Hours From Receipt of Sample for Petioles and 48 Hours for Leaves.

Plant Nutritional Needs Change Constantly Throughout the Growing Season.
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Ask The Plant®

Exhaustive Petiole or Leaf Testing Dynamically Compensates for the Changing Nutritional Requirements and Provides Recommendations for the Stage of Growth of Your Plants.

Balanced Plant Nutrition can result in a number of benefits:

  • Better Yields
  • Better Quality
  • Overall Better Performance
  • Reduced Fertilizer Expense – By Using Only What Is Needed – When It Is Needed
  • Greatly Reduced Water Requirements
  • Reduction or Elimination of Many Disease and Insect Pressures Through Proper Plant Nutrition – These Problems Are Often Brought On By Plant Stress Due To Nutritional Problems – Especially in the Micronutrients and Trace Elements

The Starting-Point For Ask The Plant® is a Custom, Extremely Accurate and Thorough Soil Test Calibrated Against Actual Plant Uptake that Analyzes Plant-Available Nutrients, together with Field-Performance-Proven Detailed Fertilization Recommendations, Interpretations and Consulting.