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Proactive Fertilization Management For Better Yields and Quality At Lower Cost

Crop nutritional needs are ever-changing throughout the growing season.  But, it is more complicated than that – even after having the most accurate soil test available performed to determine initial fertility requirements of your crop or plants.

The soil test provides a starting-point for fertilization.  But what happens after that?

After fertilizer is applied, soil moisture, temperature, chemistry, texture, biological and other factors can greatly affect what of it is actually available to your plants.

You can put down a lot of stuff – but how much of it is actually getting into your plants?  There is only one way to find out…

Ask the Plant® shows you nutrient problems within the plant by measuring its actual nutrient content.

Ask the Plant® gives  you seven to 21 days to correct plant nutritional problems before they start to visually affect your crop.

Once you see visual signs of problems, it is too late.  An annual crop or plant will never attain either its full genetic potential or maximum economic yield.

Ask the Plant® is the most comprehensive plant analysis program available – and there are analytical suites available that include additional important micro-nutrients and trace elements for specific crops.

Ask the Plant® can be customized for you to include the additional micronutrients and trace elements you may require.

Ask the Plant® samples are taken at critical growth stages during the season.

Petiole Tests (leaf stem tests) or Leaf TestsPetiole tests measure what is actively going on in the plant, up to the moment the sample is taken.  Leaf tests measure what has been accumulated since the onset of growth.   Some plants do not have petioles (leafy greens, onions, grasses, roses, etc.) – accordingly, there are some plants where leaf tests most appropriate.

For more than seven decades, TPS Lab® has identified, and been fixing - crop, plant, turf, tree, water  - problems, all around the world.  Over the course of this century they have compiled everything learned into their proprietary program,  Ask the Plant®.

You get more than numbers – you get consulting with specific recommendations on how to make better yields and quality with lower costs.

Research has shown that balancing plant nutrition can dramatically reduce disease and insect pressures – and reduce water needs by up to 70% to make better crops!...

…and what about your Water?  Does it have Heavy Metals contamination?

Recently, water quality has become of great concern – bad irrigation water is literally killing some growers.

Do you make or use Compost?  Complete Compost testing is available.

The program,  Ask the Plant®, is comprehensive in its approach to higher yields, minimizing investment and sustainable agriculture.  At this website we will discuss the program, the research and the methods, we will have an open forum of discussion and support, and we'll have proprietary news derived from our own investigations, research, testing and observation.

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Crop Production Consultants

Noel Garcia, Certified Crop Adviser

Noel Garcia, Certified Crop Adviser

Noel Garcia is Ask the Plant®'s head Crop Production Consultant and Vice President of Operations for TPS Lab.

Noel Garcia was trained and mentored by Esper K. (Kay) Chandler, the Certified Agronomist and Soil Scientist who spear-headed and co-founded the Ask the Plant® program with his business partner Dr. Albin D. Lengyel, a pioneer in the practical application of plant analysis, particularly petiole (leaf stem) sap testing.

Noel Garcia's experience began in 1991 and with the passing of Esper K. (Kay) Chandler in November of 2008, Noel Garcia took over the helm of the Ask the Plant® program.

Noel Garcia has been invited to speak all over the U.S.A. and Canada and parts of Europe.

Noel Garcia's experience ranges from the laboratory to the field to workshops at ACRES U.S.A., from speaking to international heads of agricultural organizations to meeting with local groups and communities.

Many of Ask the Plant®'s papers and videos are authored by or feature work from Noel Garcia's immense experience and expert knowledge of superior crop production.

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Dr. Larry Zibilske - Soil Microbiologist

Dr. Larry Zibilske, Soil Microbiologist

Dr. Larry Zibilske is an invaluable resource to the Ask the Plant® program and Vice President of Research for TPS Lab.

Formerly a senior research scientist with the USDA-ARS Kika de la Garza Subtropical Research Center in Weslaco, Texas, Dr. Larry Zibilske's career includes 19 years at the University of Maine including as tenured professor.

For examples of the many contributions and papers of Dr. Larry Zibilske, one can simply turn to Google.

The Ask the Plant® program is very fortunate and pleased to count Dr. Larry Zibilske as a Crop Production Consultant.

If you would like to get the great minds of Ask the Plant® like Dr. Larry Zibilske focused on increasing and improving your crop production while lowering cost, then contact us online and ask for a Free estimate on what the Ask the Plant® Crop Production Consultants can do for you. Or call us direct at 956-380-4050 during week-day business hours CST.