GRAPE Specific Ask the Plant® Testing

Grape Specific Ask The Plant Testing

Grape Specific Ask the Plant® Testing

The Ask the Plant® Method supports Grape Specific Testing

TPS Lab has developed a grape specific format for the Ask the Plant® Method. This success of this program delivers outstanding yields utilizing less water and less fertilizer than traditional methods. Soil Testing and Plant Testing of leaves and petioles go hand-in-hand utilizing the Ask the Plant® method. Grape growers from all over the world, growing grapes for produce harvest, or for making juice or for making wine, will benefit from TPS Lab’s support of the Ask the Plant® Method.

Grapes Crops and Testing Info

Grape Analysis Guide Sheet
Click Here for a breakdown on Grape nutrients, growing, and testing.

Grapes Vineyard Nutrition Notes
Click Here
for a comprehensive analysis and information on vineyard nutrition.

Plant Nutrition Monitoring for Grapes
Click Here and reference page 3 for Ask the Plant®’s guide to sampling, nutrition monitoring.

Forms for Grape Soil Testing, Analysis and Information

Grapes Soil Test Form – 6 Page PDF
Click Here for
(Pg1) Single Soil Sample Submittal for Grapes,
(Pg2) General Information, order detail and pricing,
(Pg3) Multiple order and payment form,
(Pg4) Multiple Soil Test Price List and Add-ons,
(Pg5) Protocols and Heavy Metals Reference for testing,
(Pg6) Soil Sampling Instructions.

Grapes Soil Analysis
Test Results Example

Click Here for an example report of Grape Soil Test Results with Soil Analysis sheet.

Grapes Soil TCEQ Report
Mehlich-3 Extraction Example

Click Here for an example TCEQ Report of Mehlich-3 Extraction basic analysis.

Grapes Petiole /
Leaf Testing and Info

Grapes Petiole / Leaf Test Order Form – 3 Page PDF
Click Here for
(Pg1) Grape Petiole or Leaf Submittal for Grapes,
(Pg2) Ask the Plant® Test Description, Prices and Payment Form,
(Pg3) Grapes Petiole and Leaf Sampling Instructions.

Grapes Plant Analysis Example Report
Click Here for an example of Grape Plant Testing Analysis Report.

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