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At Ask the Plant® we safeguard your privacy.

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We do not sell information. We do not share information. We do not want anyone else having your information!

We use Google Analytics, Google Search Console and web-server traffic reporting called AW Stats to analyze anonymous website traffic data for marketing and best practices monitoring. We do not use cookies or additional scripts to gather any more information.

Please be sure to read and agree to our Terms of Use page regarding contact forms.

We use contact forms on the website for users to contact us regarding our services. We do not collect this information for distribution. We do not sell, share or distribute this information. We do not sign spam or sign-up with this information.

We will use contact information to reply or contact the user as requested for business services we provide.

We keep this privacy policy simple because our policy is simple; It's your privacy, and we keep it that way.

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last updated 11/5/2016