US Drought Monitor Texas 2015-10-20

Farmers Versus Drought and Flooding

Blame It On The RainEven as this is being written – on a Friday afternoon, October 23rd – the Northeastern quarter of Texas is under severe and heavy rain, with flash flood and thunderstorm warnings across several counties. Current weather predictions estimate these areas to maintain their rainy conditions over the next 4 days as […]

Statewide Average Temperature Ranks

Yes, It’s hot enough for us.

If you thought September was warm, you were correct. Last month was the 2nd warmest September for the contiguous US, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It was the warmest September ever for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan; and among the top 10 for the rest of the Cornbelt. Statewide Average Temperature Ranks […]

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Not Too Sympathetic

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is not too sympathetic to the recently announced 50% drop in net farm income. When asked about that at an informal news conference, he said, “Let’s put this in proper perspective. It is like asking me if a guy hits 50 home runs one year and the next year he hits […]

Diplodia in Corn

Crop Scouting September 29th 2015

Crop scouting #1. If you have acreage you could not plant, or was washed out, there is likely an abundance of weeds. MO weed specialists say, “Most of this acreage was left fallow without any sort of weed management program and these fields grew up into a weedy mess. These weeds have matured and produced […]

Asked and Answered: An Organic Farm Near a Highway

As the city … decides where to put a new major highway, I am greatly concerned with the massive amounts of vehicle emissions and deposition it will have on my 26 year Certified Organic Farm. What can you tell me about the hazards of that material in the soil, air, con the crops and since […]

USDA Starts Reporting Non-GMO Corn Pricing

Guess What’s New from the USDA?

New from the USDA will be weekly reports of average prices for non-GMO corn. The first report was issued Sept. 2, indicating a price range of $4.05-$4.12 and a weighted average price of $4.06 for feed grade non-GMO corn. Although no prices were reported for either food grade non-GMO corn or food grade non-GMO beans, […]

Restore the Land Conference with TPSL

2015 Restore The Land Conference

Come visit our booth on November 6th and 7th at the 2015 Restore The Land Conference on Ecorestorative Land Management in Bastrop, Texas! This year’s theme will be Balancing Ecology and Economics and features some interesting speakers. Find out all about this event at And look for us under TPS Lab and Ask the […]

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update Vol 16 No 33 is posting another FREE issue of Cornbelt Update. From April 6 of 2015, this weekly periodical is full of the latest news and experienced insight that all Cornbelt Ag Farmers need. 13 pages full of crop pricing breakdowns, market activity analysis and recent, pertinent information that effects YOU, the cornbelt grower. Cornbelt Update Apr […]

Soil Organic Matter Content

USA Map of Soil Organic Matter Content

This map of the Soil Organic Matter Content of the US was forwarded to us, and we thought it was great and we wanted to share it. So we tracked down the source:

What's In Your Soil

What Most Farmers Don’t Realize About Their Soil

#1 The big picture. When you inherit or buy a farm, your plan is to convert that expanse of acreage into a revenue producing asset. Fertilizer is applied. Seeds are planted. You hope it will rain. Weeds and insects are controlled with herbicides and insecticides. The crop is harvested, and hopefully it is sold for […]

Rhizobia, the same bacteria present in the nodules on the roots of soybeans

Improve Soybean Yields with Rhizobia Management

an exclusive from our Corn Belt correspondent Stu Ellis If you are among farmers planting more soybean acreage this year, and concerned that market prices may drop below cost of production, one mitigating factor would be to ensure you have the maximum possible yield. But how do you do that? Think about the physical attributes […]

Cornbelt Update Free Issue Dec 15 2014

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update 3 of 3 is posting this third installment of three FREE issues of Cornbelt Update. This weekly periodical is crammed full of the latest breaking information that Cornbelt Ag farmers and growers need to be aware of. Information taken from the news, the markets, inside sources and industry insiders, and brought all together in this weekly PDF. […]

Late Planting 2013

Late Spring Planting in the Mid West 2013

Spring (uh, make that Winter?) Planting in the Mid West. Late April, 2013 – It helps to be able to plough snow while you’re pulling a planter, these days – at least if you’re around Albert City, Iowa. The farmer in this picture said that he wasn’t going to wait around any longer for the […]

Blooms Explode and Trees Blossom in Marathon Iowa

This is from our friend, Bill, in Marathon, Iowa, who sent the Spring Update currently on our Homepage. The blooms EXPLODED and trees became green, when we turned from snow to 80 degree temps in 1 week. Still wet in Northwest Iowa, some tillage with minimal corn planting in cold earth. Central Iowa did not […]

Ask the Plant

Question: What is loam? Can I purchase that in the stores?

We received this email question regarding Loam: “My begonias need transplanting. I read they need loam. What is that? Can I purchase that in the stores?” “Loam” describes a soil that contains sand, silt, and clay in proportions that no one kind of particle dominates the soil. This means that there is enough clay and […]


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