Cornbelt Ag Weather And Planting • Update June 2015

Tropical storm Bill washed through the central and eastern Cornbelt the past several days, pushing precipitation amounts upwards of 600% of normal for mid-June.

Tropical Storm Bill washed through the Central and Eastern Cornbelt

Tropical Storm Bill washed through the Central and Eastern Cornbelt

Cornbelt Final Plant Date Map June 2015Are you in a “prevented plant” mode? If so, your agent is your first contact. He or she will have the necessary forms, will probably have been expecting your call, and will guide you through the process. That is what they get a commission for doing. If you want to peruse USDA’s rules for prevented planting, the Risk Management Agency has them available. While it is too late in the season to replant damaged corn crops, soybean growers could still decide to start over without losing any federal crop insurance coverage, but only if they act quickly, said Purdue ag economist Michael Langemeier. After the final plant date, there is a 25-day late planting period where coverage drops 1% per day. “For insurance purposes, you need to make a good-faith effort to save the crop,” he says.

Crop Progress—corn. Last week’s USDA report indicated only 519,000 acres of unplanted corn, when compared to the March intentions report. In all likelihood, those will not be planted to corn, and may boost the numbers for unplanted soybean acreage. Corn emergence delays are limited to KS, NE, MO & TX, where 400,000 of those acres remain unplanted. That’s also grain sorghum country, and the acreage on that crop may suffer as well this year. There is no evidence that prevented planted acreage for corn will differ significantly from the historical average of 1.2 mil. acres. Corn condition ratings fell to 73% good to excellent.

USA Unplanted Corn as of June 14 2015

Crop Progress—soybeans. Soybean planting as of June 14 was at 87%, up from 79% the previous week, but still left 12 mil. acres unplanted that were intended for expectations are for above average prevented plantings in soybeans due to the ongoing persistence of wet weather and the magnitude of acres unplanted. Soybean condition ratings dropped 2% to 67% good to excellent.

USA Unplanted Soybean as of June 14 2015

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