Cornbelt Update Vol 16 No 45 presents another Free Issue of Cornbelt Update.

Cornbelt Update is a weekly periodical with Market Information, Prices, Weather, Industry Forces, Global Economics and Crop Scouting featuring warnings and advice on what to look out for in your crops. This information is presented weekly for timely and insightful information. If you are a Cornbelt Ag Farmer, a big grower, or have any sort of interest in Agriculture Industry, Cornbelt Update is an indispensable tool.

Cornbelt Update is published weekly and can be had for a yearly subscription of $75 – less than $2 a week and a mere 21 cents a day. And Cornbelt Update is not published by a big corporate conglomerate trying to spin their side of the story in print, but the independent and easily contacted S2LS Ag Communications and Consulting. Reach out anytime to Stu at

Enjoy this complimentary issue of Cornbelt Update June 29 2015 and subscribe today!

Cornbelt Update FREE Issue June 29 2015

Cornbelt Update FREE Issue June 29 2015

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