Pacific Northwest Field Interviews 2 Idaho Potatoes Thumbnail

Ask the Plant® Program Idaho Potato Crop Video Field Interview 2

Stu Ellis reports with farmer Blake Matthews and Crop Production Consultant Noel Garcia and Jared Cook about the rewarding benefits of utilizing the Ask the Plant® program and Idaho Potato Crops. Raising potatoes since the early eighties, the Matthews’ are now staying with the Ask the Plant® program for better ROI on their crops. Using […]

Alfalfa Crop Hail Damaged Rescued By Ask The Plant

Ask the Plant® Program Saves Hail Damaged Crops Video Field Interview 1

Utilizing the Ask the Plant® program rescued hail damaged alfalfa crops in Utah. On top of a quick recovery time of 3-weeks, Ask the Plant’s Crop Production Consultants had to deal with salty soil and salty water.’s Stu Ellis reports with the farmer manager and Crop Production Consultant Noel Garcia and Jared Cook about […]

Wheat Ask The Plant Video

Ask the Plant® Program Idaho Woodland Wheat Video Field Interview 7

Utilizing the Ask the Plant® program yielded dramatic results for this wheat farmer in Idaho.’s Stu Ellis reports with the farmer and Crop Production Consultant Noel Garcia and Jared Cook about the rewarding benefits of utilizing the Ask the Plant® program. Woodland Wheat Crop Production Consultants Video Related Ask the Plant® Program Idaho Potatoes […]

Soil Testing and Plant Testing Lead to Healthier Crops

What is the quality of the grain you are putting into storage?

Disease and premature death of crops are issues impacting grain quality, says IA St. grain quality specialist Charles Hurburgh. “As signified by yellowing, corn ran out of nitrogen in many places. While yield is determined over the full season, crop quality is often established by conditions at the very end of the growing season. Premature […]

FSA Deadline September 30th

A very important reminder! FSA deadline September 30th.

You need to make a final trip to the FSA office to finalize your enrollment in ARC-CO, ARC-IC, or PLC. If you miss the September 30 deadline, you will not be enrolled in the program, you will not receive a payment earned for 2014, nor will you receive any payment for 2015 crops, if earned. […]

USDA Starts Reporting Non-GMO Corn Pricing

Guess What’s New from the USDA?

New from the USDA will be weekly reports of average prices for non-GMO corn. The first report was issued Sept. 2, indicating a price range of $4.05-$4.12 and a weighted average price of $4.06 for feed grade non-GMO corn. Although no prices were reported for either food grade non-GMO corn or food grade non-GMO beans, […]

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome

Soybean Crop Scouting for September

• Crop scouting #1 Pretty colors for leaves on a houseplant, but not on soybeans, as sudden death syndrome has prevailed over many Cornbelt acres this year, brought on by early season sogginess. It is the second leading cause of yield loss (behind SCN). Several land grant universities (Purdue, IA St., WI) are collaborating on […]

Corn Plant Silk

Cornbelt Update Market Insight July 28th 2015

Get all of this and more when you subscribe to the weekly Cornbelt Update. Just $75 subscription for 52 weekly issues. Contact Corn prices. Improved weather prospects, stability in weekly crop ratings, and concerns about export demand were major dynamics rippling through the corn market in the past week. Corn lost 11¢ on Friday […]

Soybeans Yellow Leaves

Cornbelt Update: Crop Scouting – July 13 2015

This excerpt is from Cornbelt Update July 13, 2015 vol 16 no 47. Subscribe to Cornbelt Update and receive 52 weekly updates of timely, relevant information and data for only $75 a year. Contact Stu Ellis at Crop scouting refreshers are provided by TX and TN entomologists who say scout early and often, particularly […]

Corn-fed Corn

The Loss of Microbes to Feed Plant Roots

Throughout much of the Central and Eastern Cornbelt soils are saturated. Thanks to a June which set precipitation records in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, corn and soybean fields are waterlogged. Tiling has mitigated some of the problems with excess water, but aerial photos show water standing in large areas and crop scouting has become a […]

Corn Growing Degree Day Tool

Web-based Tool for Corn Planting and Maturity

If your corn maturity seems to have slowed, that may be a result of a slowdown in the accumulation of growing degree days. Some cool nights and days in the past week have taken a toll, if you are calculating the date to black layer. Cornbelt meteorologists and agronomists have provided a web-based tool for […]

Cornbelt Update Free Issue Dec 08 2014

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update 2 of 3 is posting three issues of Cornbelt Update for FREE so you can experience for yourself how informative and chuck full of great data and insight these weekly updates are. Once you’ve downloaded and read these three free issues, we hope you’ll find Cornbelt Update important enough to subscribe and help support this valuable resource. […]

Cornbelt Update Free Issue Dec 01 2014

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update 1 of 3 is providing three free issues of Cornbelt Update so you can see for yourself how full of great, relevant, timely information it is. After these three free issues, if you find Cornbelt Update beneficial, we strongly urge you to subscribe and help support this great independent resource. Look for free issue number 2 of […]

Corn Nutrition Notes

CORN – Nutrition Notes #1

Download the PDF Here » CORN- Nutrition Notes #1 by Larry Zibilske, Ph.D. Sponsored by TPS Lab Corn is a staple of American agriculture. In recent years the incentive to grow corn has increased dramatically. As interest in the biofuel market increases, many farmers have increased corn acreage, or shortened rotation plans, and modified production […]

Wheat Nutrition Notes

WHEAT – Nutrition Notes #1

Download the PDF Here » WHEAT- Nutrition Notes #1 by Larry Zibilske, Ph.D. Sponsored by Texas Plant & Soil Lab Wheat is the premier small grain of American agriculture. The United States harvests 53 million acres annually which yield 13% of the world’s wheat supply. To maintain high yields, wheat requires a plentiful supply of […]

Soybeans – Plant Nutrition and Sampling

SOYBEANS – Plant Nutrition & Sampling

Download the PDF Here » SOYBEANS Plant Nutrition & Sampling Sponsored by TPS Lab Soybeans have a high profit potential. Since approximately 90% of production costs for soybeans are incurred at the 30 bushel yield level, growers should be able to economically fertilize for maximum yields. Fertility programs based on plant analysis and soil analysis […]