Soil Testing and Plant Testing Lead to Healthier Crops

What is the quality of the grain you are putting into storage?

Disease and premature death of crops are issues impacting grain quality, says IA St. grain quality specialist Charles Hurburgh. “As signified by yellowing, corn ran out of nitrogen in many places. While yield is determined over the full season, crop quality is often established by conditions at the very end of the growing season. Premature […]

Community Helps Farmer with Cancer During Harvest

Community Helps Farmer with Cancer Harvest Crops

Carl Bates of Galva, IL, was unable to harvest his crop this year due to his cancer, so his neighbors helped out last week. 450 acres of corn was harvested in 10 hours with the help of 10 combines, 16 semis, 8 tractors with grain carts, and the generosity of 40 neighbors who volunteered to […]

Statewide Average Temperature Ranks

Yes, It’s hot enough for us.

If you thought September was warm, you were correct. Last month was the 2nd warmest September for the contiguous US, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It was the warmest September ever for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan; and among the top 10 for the rest of the Cornbelt. Statewide Average Temperature Ranks […]

FSA Deadline September 30th

A very important reminder! FSA deadline September 30th.

You need to make a final trip to the FSA office to finalize your enrollment in ARC-CO, ARC-IC, or PLC. If you miss the September 30 deadline, you will not be enrolled in the program, you will not receive a payment earned for 2014, nor will you receive any payment for 2015 crops, if earned. […]

Cornbelt Update at Ask The Plant

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update Vol 16 No 34

Another great FREE issue of Cornbelt Update Volume 16 Number 49 for the week of July 27th 2015. This free episode is 15 pages of Market, Pricing, Weather and Geo-Political data that effects you, the corn growers, the soybeans growers, the wheat growers working the Cornbelt of America. Subscribe to the Cornbelt Update and get […]

Corn Plant Silk

Cornbelt Update Market Insight July 28th 2015

Get all of this and more when you subscribe to the weekly Cornbelt Update. Just $75 subscription for 52 weekly issues. Contact Corn prices. Improved weather prospects, stability in weekly crop ratings, and concerns about export demand were major dynamics rippling through the corn market in the past week. Corn lost 11¢ on Friday […]

Corn Growing Degree Day Tool

Web-based Tool for Corn Planting and Maturity

If your corn maturity seems to have slowed, that may be a result of a slowdown in the accumulation of growing degree days. Some cool nights and days in the past week have taken a toll, if you are calculating the date to black layer. Cornbelt meteorologists and agronomists have provided a web-based tool for […]

Cornbelt Update July 13th 2015 - Financials

Financials for week of July 14th, 2015 – Cornbelt Update

Corn prices. Uncertainty about the bond market impact from a Greece financial meltdown, along with a Chinese stock market in freefall, atop interpretation of USDA’s reports, all brought a wide variety of dynamics into play in the market last week. Traders also reconciled weather reports that indicated heat would prevail in the foreseeable future, versus […]

Cornbelt Update Free Issue June 29 2015

Cornbelt Update Vol 16 No 45 presents another Free Issue of Cornbelt Update. Cornbelt Update is a weekly periodical with Market Information, Prices, Weather, Industry Forces, Global Economics and Crop Scouting featuring warnings and advice on what to look out for in your crops. This information is presented weekly for timely and insightful information. If you are a Cornbelt Ag […]

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update Vol 16 No 34 is pleased to offer another free issue of Cornbelt Update. From April 13th of 2015, this Volume 16, number 34, weekly issue of Cornbelt Update is stuffed full of market prices, weather conditions and global financial effects of Cornbelt agriculture as it is happening in real time. Cornbelt Update Apr 13 2015 Cornbelt Update […]

Cornbelt Update Free Issue Dec 08 2014

Free Issue of Cornbelt Update 2 of 3 is posting three issues of Cornbelt Update for FREE so you can experience for yourself how informative and chuck full of great data and insight these weekly updates are. Once you’ve downloaded and read these three free issues, we hope you’ll find Cornbelt Update important enough to subscribe and help support this valuable resource. […]