TOMATOES – Plant Nutrition and Sampling

TOMATOES – Plant Nutrition and Sampling

Download the PDF Here » Tomatoes Plant Nutrition and Sampling by Noel Garcia, CCA The most important aspect of tomato production (field, greenhouse or hydroponic) is balanced nutrition. Tomato plants, particularly modern hybrid cultivars, have the potential to be extremely high yielding with the right nutrients being furnished to the plants at the right time […]

Sugars Carbohydrates


Download the PDF Here » CARBOHYDRATES / SUGARS USING CARBOHYDRATES – SUGARS relate to increased plant functions for Maximum Economic Yields. Sugar Cane (HORTICULTURAL) or Black Strap Molasses is the best natural source – table sugar is more concentrated and also works; however, it lacks the Micronutrients intrinsic with molasses and it attracts insects. ENVIRONMENTAL […]

Strawberry Crops Ask The Plant Program

STRAWBERRIES – Plant Nutrition Notes

Download the PDF Here » Larry Zibilske, Ph.D. Strawberry Plant TPSL® Strawberries are one of the most sensitive plants in horticultural production. A good fertility program must be used because strawberries are very susceptible to nutrient problems. Close attention to the nutrient needs of your strawberries is vital because strawberries are harvested for an extended […]