TREES – General Planting And Root Care Guide 1

Tree Care Guide 1 Ask the Plant

Tree Care Guide 1 Ask the Plant

Trees General Planting And Root Care Guide 1 PDF
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SOIL: Is the foundation of all life: Healthy soils produce Healthy plants that sustain Healthy animals!

ROOTS: Must penetrate the soil (Check for compaction and other problems when soil testing) which must have balanced available plant nutrients to sustain healthy growth.

TEST TOP AND SUBSOILS for available nutrients, salts, and tilth (for water and root penetration). TPSL®'s soil test is the only test that routinely supplies this information on all samples. Sample the Top Soil 0 – 12 inches at least once a year, as well as the subsoil in one – foot increments down through 4 feet or to parent material, every three to four years. Make representative composite samples at each level from four sides of the tree at the drip line (do not combine different depths of samples). If there are large visual or physical differences, keep each sample in a separate bag with explanations. Let the lab do the mixing of different sides if needed.

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