TREES – General Planting And Root Care Guide 3

Tree Care Guide 3 Ask The Plant

Tree Care Guide 3 Ask the Plant

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Trees will struggle to survive in unlikely places and under severe conditions. They can often survive poor planting practice, bad, wrong or little soil, the wrong climate or any number of undesirable circumstances. We have seen mature trees with root flares as much as 10 feet below the surface. Flares most often get covered due to bad planting practice or back-filling during site grading and in Nature, due to soil washing down from upland slopes. But if you are going to go to the trouble, time and expense to plant a tree, you expect it to do much more than just simply survive and very much more than die. You expect it to develop as rapidly as possible into a healthy, thriving tree.

The point of these series of papers is to help you accomplish that by avoiding or correcting the problems shown.

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Contributors: G. Sandy Rose, ASCA and Larry Zibilske, Ph.D.

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