Web-based Tool for Corn Planting and Maturity

If your corn maturity seems to have slowed, that may be a result of a slowdown in the accumulation of growing degree days. Some cool nights and days in the past week have taken a toll, if you are calculating the date to black layer. Cornbelt meteorologists and agronomists have provided a web-based tool for you to enter your corn planting date and corn maturity. It will compute the black layer date, based on accumulated GDDs as well as the forecast for temperature. In the past week the GDD line on the graph took a noticeable turn.

Corn Growing Degree Day Tool

Corn Growing Degree Day Tool

Growth StageUse the growing degree day calculator to gauge the nitrogen needs of your corn. Many producers have been stressing lately over the wet conditions allowing N to leach out of their fields and being unable to replenish what has been lost. If precipitation subsides and fields dry out, nitrogen application may still be possible at a time when the corn plant needs it. Nitrogen uptake occurs throughout the plant’s life, but soon the bulk will be going for grain development, and late applications will be used in lesser amounts by the plant for vegetation.

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