What is the quality of the grain you are putting into storage?

Disease and premature death of crops are issues impacting grain quality, says IA St. grain quality specialist Charles Hurburgh.

“As signified by yellowing, corn ran out of nitrogen in many places. While yield is determined over the full season, crop quality is often established by conditions at the very end of the growing season. Premature and irregular death in corn will retard kernel fill, which in turn will reduce the test weight from what it would have been with completely filled kernels. Some yield will be lost, but more importantly, field dry-down and storage properties will not be as good as they might have been. Stalk strength is not good in many cases, which requires early harvest to prevent field loss. The net result is a high yielding crop that will require artificial drying and may not have good long-term storage properties.”

Soil Testing and Plant Testing Lead to Healthier Crops

Soil Testing and Plant Testing Lead to Healthier Crops

Through proper crop management including soil testing and plant-sap testing, the Ask the Plant® program can lead to high quality crops and avoid problems like low-nitrogen, disease, reduced weight and crop death. For pennies on the acre you could be in a position of harvesting high-quality crops with record-breaking yeilds.

Start planning now for healthier crops next year and order soil testing from Ask the Plant® before the ground freezes. Getting amendments and replenishes on the ground now is critical to optimal soil fertility in the spring. Results from your soil test will also help you budget and schedule fertilizer purchases next year.

And when you order and pay for your soil testing online, now through November 21st, you can save 5% when you use the coupon code fall5 at SoilKits.com, the official online store of TPS Lab. Order your testing at laboratory catalog prices and then receive an additional 5% off your total purchase when you apply the coupon code fall5 on your online order. But hurry, test recommendations work best the earlier they’re applied and this coupon code expires November 21st.

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